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Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)             

Yellow Starthistle - Centaurea solstitialis
Young Yellow Toadflax plant.

Linaria vulgaris (often known as common toadflax or butter and eggs), is a perennial plant with short spreading roots, erect to decumbent stems 30–80 cm high, with fine, threadlike, glaucous (blue-green) foliage. The flowers are similar to those of the snapdragon, pale yellow except for the lower lip which is orange, borne on dense terminal racemes from midsummer through autumn. Fruits are capsules with winged seeds.

This plant is one of the numerous species of toadflax (Linaria), and is indigenous in large parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom, but has also escaped from cultivation in North America where it is a common weed of roadsides and poor soils. (From Wikipedia)

Closeup of Yellow Toadflax flowe
Closeup of Yellow Toadflax flower.

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