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Allelopathic Properties Video          

Wade Bowcutt asks Jeffery Pettingill to explain why there is no grass growing up around the Russian Knapweed. Jeffrey notes this is a good question, and responds that this plant actually drips a sap like material underneath it that prohibits anything from growing around it. This is known as allelopathy. This plant can get so thick that you actually don't walk through it, you crunch it over and walk on top of it. If you look around you see what is called a monoculture. There is only one species of plant out here and that is Russian Knapweed. If you see a few other weeds in here it is just because they are just that tough. Russian Knapweed has totally choked out the grasses. It has taken out most of the alfalfa. It is a very very tough competitor. It will take years and years to control this weed because it has such a diversified root.

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