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Native Plants Compete Video                                             

Roger Batt notes that the county gets cooperation from landowners and neighbors concerned with Rush Skeletonweed and other noxious weeds. He sees some native vegetation that has been planted in this area such as crested wheat grass, squirrel tail, blue bunch and others. Brian Wilbur points out three awn and that there are a number of grasses and small forbes. A little purple flower is a filaree. Hawksbeard, balsam root, yarrow and a number of other plants have been put in here. He explains that "really this is the kind of effort that it takes, because this landowner is concerned enough that he has gone out and tried to do some revegetation." Brian also notes that the landowner has a hose for water to try to get native plants established where the Rush Skeletonweed is really bad. Once he gets these plants established it will help keep the skeletonweed out and it will go back more to a native ecosystem. Brian concludes that " it is the small efforts like this, this man is rehabilitating his lot and that is what it takes to win the war on weeds."

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