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Russian Knapweed Rosette - 360º Interactive Panorama    

On April 5, 2005, Roger Batt, Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign Coordinator, and Bryan Dallolio, Ada County Weed Control, visited a new housing development site on one side of an existing irrigation canal where an extensive patch of Russian Knapweed was found. Roger notes that this is a perfect example of how a noxious weed in Idaho can potentially destroy productive agricultural lands. He points out that you can see around this area no other plants that exist and this is creating what is known as a monoculture of Russian Knapweed.

Note that there are several video "hot spots" available which provide a lot more detailed information.

Panorama and video taken 4/5/05

Also See the Russian Knapweed Bloom Panorama taken in Region 4, 8/3/06

Russian Knapweed Rosette AV Sequences Found in the Panorama

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