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Multiple Species of Noxious Weeds Video

Roger Batt states that he and Bryan Dallolio are standing in the lower Hulls Gulch area where a lot of people are recreating. He wonders how many people who are biking, hiking or horsback riding or walking their dogs, go by a site like this and understand what kind of plants are growing nearby. If you look around you can see quite a lot of different kinds of vegetation. He points first to Rush Skeletonweed that is one of Idaho's noxious weed species. Next he points to Cheat Grass and notes that it is not on the noxious weed list but it is still very invasive. He looks a few yards away and points to Canada Thistle, Poison Hemlock, Whitetop (Hoary Cress), and Scotch Thistle. He states that this looks like a very tough piece of ground because it has so many noxious weed species. Again, he wonders just how many people in the general public know what is here.

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