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The IWAC web site has become a great tool for identifying weeds and networking resources around the state. The effort has just begun, however, and now citizens, students, families, organizations, businesses and agencies are invited to help continue to add valuable information, knowledge and ideas to the site this year and in the future.

Check out the new Weed Control area - you will find valuable information about how to control these dangerous weeds, along with helpful videos from Idaho County Weed Superintendents. Access to great educational videos and curriculum can be found under Children's Activities, and under Educational Activities you will discover press releases and brochures from the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign, resources for Teachers and Students and links to other valuable web sites. And in the Reference Library, you will find quick access to valuable identification and control information about Idaho's 66 noxious weeds.

Wedd Superintendent Looking at Nixious Weeds
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