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Idaho's Noxious Weeds Booklet - Request your own copy of this book.

Close up of Whitetop (Hoary Cress)
Whitetop (Hoary Cress)

The IDAHO WEED AWARENESS CAMPAIGN was created to raise public awareness helping the people of Idaho understand the economic and environmental impacts of invasive weeds.  Our main goal is to encourage Idahoans to help develop and participate in invasive weed eradication and management programs, and to assist in preventing the spread of invasive weeds.

The IWAC created this web site to distribute information to the public, providing attractive and educational content.  A highlight of this website is our "Reference Library" providing information about each of Idaho's Noxious Weeds, including tips for identifying and eradication.

For an update on the ongoing issue of invasive species in Idaho, read the press release from Idaho Noxious and Invasive Weed Awareness Week 2019.

Wild Spotter

The Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign is now a proud partner of the Wild Spotter™ Program. Click here to learn how you can help fight back against invasive species in America's wild places.

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"When dealing with newly invasive species, our failures are obvious, and our successes are invisible." –Dr. Rich Old

Toll Free Hotline Phone Number: 1-844-WEEDS-NO


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Poison Hemlock
Poison Hemlock is in bloom.


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